MS King is the founder, owner, and director of brand marketing for


She has a background in brand strategy, haute couture styling, visual design, and interior decorating all of which aides her humble yet competitive approach to the business of all things opulent. Sharon is now reigning in her passion for fashion by providing the best experience in online fashion boutique shopping. A former model, Sharon has always been in the loop of what's hot and what's not in fashion and she is determined to share her wealth of knowledge with her clientele. She strives to not only provide high level items for her customers; she also wants to create a high level of customer satisfaction. MS King believes courtesy, efficiency, and mindfulness have been the keys to all of her successes and she has lived out these principles through her interests in areas of catering, nutrition, design, and personal styling.
MS King is adamant in having all of her clientele


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Our mission at OPULENT GURLZ BOUTIQUE is first and foremost to CREATE the CHANGE that we wish to see in the high end fashion world. We value our customers and seek to provide not only the most VIBRANT and SEXY goods and products to them also QUALITY.We pay close attention to the pulse of what's CREATIVE, NEW, and TRENDY and are very meticulous in cultivating our shop inventory. We pride ourselves on providing you with the simplest and most satisfying shopping experience around.We want you to FEEL GOOD about FEELING GOOD!

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